Funky NYC-based band Freckle Legend delivers a playfully self-aware musical journey jam-packed with a hefty dose of kick-ass.

“The Long Walk Home” runs the gamut from avant-garde jazz to hard-core rock, with driving guitar riffs and soulful vocals. Every song on the album was written on one day and then recorded on the next, creating a sound that is deliberate and genuine, never over-thought, and always fun.


Originally conceived by RJ Rabin (drums) and Rozhan Razman (bass), Freckle Legend is a collaborative effort between RJ and Rozhan, Cale Hawkins (keyboards and vocals), Adam Stoler (guitar), Teddy Kumpel (guitar), and Benjamin Drazen (saxophone). Each member contributes years of experience as sidemen, filling their music with stories and characters that celebrate New York.


Says RJ, “I’ve been working with Benjamin since ’91, and I built this band around his frenetic and aggressive sax playing — his raucous, wailing squeaks and honks were exactly where I wanted this album to go. Adam, Rozhan, Cale, and I met while recording with Douglas and the Goodharts [a popular NYC soul band]. There was a moment when I looked around that studio and thought: ‘I want to play with these guys forever.’ We added Teddy a little later and it all just fell into place naturally.” 


Inspired by the dark and mysterious NYC avant-garde music scene of the 1980s as well as its silent, delicate dawn, "The Long Walk Home" features hauntingly dissonant and hollow harmonies woven together seamlessly alongside jagged melodic lines and slightly off-kilter guitar riffs. Freckle Legend’s world is one of playful mystery.


Walk down the mean streets of New York City and let Freckle Legend fill you up and wring you out with the ubiquitous, lonely, and yet overwhelmingly joyful nature of the human experience.

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